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Mostbet offers various casino games and sports betting, including the famous crash game Aviator. At Mostbet you can try yourself in Aviator and also get a welcome bonus of 125% for this game. Register and start winning with Mostbet!

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About Aviator Casino Game

Predicting when to cash out on a winning wager before a virtual airplane crash is the goal of this action-packed game. Here’s some more information from Mostbet Aviator:

Basic information about the Aviator game on Mostbet Pakistan
Game TypeCrash game
PlatformsWindows, Android, iOS
Bet Amount Range1 – 16000
Demo ModeAvailable
Special FeaturesAuto-bet, double bet, betting history

You may choose to pay out of your wager at any point before the aircraft flies away while it is climbing. The potential payment increases the longer the jet stays in the air without crashing.

Aviator Casino game Top Features

Here are a few features of Aviator Mostbet that set it apart from other games:

  • Real-time action. Feel the rush of being able to cash out at any time while watching the aircraft as it moves up in real time.
  • User-friendly interface. The game’s simple and concise interface allows players to play with convenience.
  • Provably fair. The result of each match is calculated using a special algorithm that allows you to be sure of the fairness of the results.
  • Double bet. In Aviators, you can make 2 parallel bets and withdraw them separately at any time.

You can experience other useful features yourself if you go to the Aviator game on Mostbet.

Best features of Aviator game on Mostbet Pakistan

How to Start Playing

For players who want to play Aviator at Mostbet, here is a short guide on how to start playing:

  1. Register an account. Go to the official Mostbet website, click “Sign up” and enter everything required into the registration form.
  2. Deposit funds. Log in, click the “Deposit” button on the right, and top up your casino account using the payment method convenient for you.
  3. Navigate to Aviator game. Click on its icon at the top of the interface.
  4. Place your bet. Select the amount you want to bet and click the green button to start playing.

All you have to do is wait until the last round ends and your game starts automatically.

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Aviator Gameplay

The gameplay of Aviator demands players to a time when it is best to pay out their wagers before a virtual flight crashes. The winning amount is calculated by multiplying the initial bet by the odds that were on the screen at the moment when the player withdrew the money. For example, if a customer bets 100 PKR and withdraws at odds of 2x, his winnings will be 200 PKR. 

In Aviator you have the option of two parallel bets that can be withdrawn at different times, as well as auto-cash out function and Auto-bet.

Check out the gameplay of Aviator at Mostbet Pakistan


There is also an automatic bet feature in Aviator that players can use. The clients decide how many rounds of the game they want to play automatically and when to stop. Gamblers can set the auto-bet to shut down automatically when their bank goes down or up by a certain amount.

Aviator Demo

At Mostbet you can also play Aviator for free using the demo mode. You can try out the game and get acquainted with its mechanics without the risk of losing money or spending free bets. This mode is useful if you are not familiar with Aviator or want to try out a certain strategy. The main thing is to understand that your winnings in demo mode cannot be withdrawn, since you are playing with virtual credits that have no value.

Play Aviator in demo mode at Mostbet Pakistan

Best Aviator Game Strategies

In Mostbet Aviator, no strategy guarantees victory, but you can try to improve your chances of winning. If you want to try to make some money in this game, you need to adhere to a certain betting strategy. Let’s look at the main strategies that can be applied in Aviator.

Progressive Betting Strategy

After every successful round, gradually increase your initial bet amount. For instance, raise your wager by a specific percentage if you win a round. Go back to your starting wager if you lose a round.

Martingale Strategy

With this method, you wager double for every loss and then go back to your original stake after a victory. The theory is that if you win a round ultimately, the earnings will repay your earlier losses and provide you a profit equal to what you originally wagered.

Fixed Percentage Betting

Decide how much of your whole bankroll (for example, 1% or 2%) you will wager on each round. By preventing you from wagering an excessive amount of your bankroll on any one round, this tactic helps you control risk.

How to Win Aviator

To win in Aviator you will need a lot of luck, but keep in mind that skill also plays an important role. Here are some tips to increase your chance of winning:

  • Start Small. Make small bets as this will allow you to play longer and increase your chance of catching a big multiplier.
  • Know When to Cash Out. Since the multiplier in the aviator is constantly going up, players are very tempted to wait a little longer. But the best option would be to withdraw funds with minimal profit. This is best done in the range of 1.30x to 2x.
  • Play for fun. Consider the game as a way of entertainment, since the desire to make money on a casino game can lead to a big loss of money.

Always remember to bet responsibly, and only play with money you don’t mind losing. It is also worth understanding that no strategy or advice has a complete guarantee of victory.

Win an Aviator game on Mostbet Pakistan

Aviator Tricks and Hack

The use of Mostbet aviator tricks programs to win at Aviator is strictly prohibited by the terms of service of the Mostbet platform. Furthermore, Mostbet Aviator predictor download may result in unfavorable outcomes like account suspension or money loss. Moreover, the Mostbet Aviator hack is mostly a hoax, since the games are almost impossible to predict.